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Our solutions include


BiBox Backbone


The BiBox backbone allows banks to work around the limitations of legacy from a business, regulatory and technical perspective. It can be used as a springboard to fast-track change, enabling our clients to work with new and innovative providers where appropriate.


Financial Crime Prevention

We work with clients in both the regulated and non-regulated sectors to help protect themselves against regulatory sanctions, terrorist financing, sanctions breaches, tax evasion, bribery and corruption.

Additionally, we support institutions in the interpretation of regulation, internal solutioning for compliance and the implementation of monitoring tools and frameworks.


Risk Management

We work with organisations to identify, manage and mitigate their risk profiles, ranging from governance to highly quantitative risk models.

Our deliveries range from greenfield technical solutions to product risk classification frameworks and staff training.


FinTech Marketplace

The FinTech Marketplace is an ecosystem for Fintechs, Banks, Investors and Grant providers to derive value from each other by streamlining the collaboration process and providing an environment for sandboxing end to end solutions.


KYC Onboarding

Enabling client engagement in real-time, our approach brings together the latest functionality to pre-populate forms and digitise the process for clients.  We create a single client view across legacy business functions in a reusable process that facilitates the use of various technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, e-Sign and client lifecycle management capabilities to improve client servicing and significantly reduce costs.


Transactional FX

Revenue-generating solution providing data and technology orchestration across different business lines to cross sell FX and payments within a single user journey in local and global channels.

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